Michele C.

Jess F.
July 20, 2021

Old school costume supply shop.  Feathers, beads (by the hank and loose), notions, sequins, material etc.
The small shop is easy to miss on this section of canal street but worth it to slow down and find it.
Ring the bell to be buzzed in and be prepared to step back in time.
The wooden framed glass cabinets hold appliqués and beads and sequins and all the things Mardi Gras and for every other costuming holiday in New Orleans.
Bolts of fabric line the right hand wall and ticked here and there you will find so many things.
The ladies are helpful – but don’t suffer fools.  The seamstresses in the back work away to make costumes all year long.
Stop in a while and see what they have.  Bring a project and they will help you find the right color or sequins or beads or feathers.